Girls Seamless Underwear Bikini Panties for Girls - 4 pk #808

ITEM # 808 Spring

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Girls Seamless Underwear Bikini Panties for Girls - 4 pk #808
ITEM # 808 Spring


Girls 4 pack Multi Stripe with matching solids SEAMLESS bikini underwear, super soft panties.


  • Machine wash tumble dry
  • Tag-less for extra comfy, strong seams for strength and durability
  • Snug comfortable fit
  • Cotton lined gusset
  • 65% Nylon, 22% Poly, 8% Spandex

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On the top of a very short approval list for a sensory challenged daughter
Kathy September 12, 2018
Bought this for my average height and slim, athletic 7.5 year old daughter who weighs about 53#. She typically wears a size 6 right now in terms of her width. She had a bit of a growth spurt this summer and it was time to find a new brand (see past below). She has a sensory disorder - where she feels everything to the extreme, imagine like the Princess and the Pea x 100, and it is nearly impossible to find clothing she can physically accept wearing.

I have tried brand after brand, anything we can find, and honestly I don't even care about the cost. I have tried everything that every department store offers. Thank God I have found these and they are reasonably priced. They have no elastic at the waist - it's just a color band - they feel like a stretchy microfiber material all over. I love that they have a bigger leg opening. It totally covers her bum, but there's room for her whole thigh, which is muscular for such a little girl, and a place very hard to fit for her.

Other information, former undies history: We have gone through two years and many of Feathers Girls Butterfly Print Snug Fit Tagless Briefs Underwear - 100% Cotton Super Soft Panties Butterfly 2 but they have a sizing gap that is now too significant for my daughter - she's been wearing a size 8 (the underwear is printed with an 8 and only in even sizes even though sizing chart for those says "small, 7-8.") However the 10-12 is ridiculously too big. So, daily, I take them and stretch the living heck out of them in every direction, and then she does all kinds of squats complaining about them. So, thus, the search to the new brand...

I will post if there is an update after these have been laundered a bit. The size small (7-8) out of the package is roomy, so I'm hoping with very small shrinkage it will be perfect for her.
5.0 out of 5 stars14-year-old said: "Really soft and comfortable."
Stephanie May 8, 2018
I purchased a green set of four seamless bikini panties for my 14-year-old daughter. She commented that they are REALLY soft and comfortable. I ordered a size large; my daughter is about 150cm (5 feet) and 45.5 kg (100 pounds). I asked her if she wanted me to order more for her and "YES!" was the reply. We will get gray because she wants something simple

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