Some clothing ideas for children with sensory issues

Some clothing ideas for children with sensory issues 


For children with sensory processing issues, certain clothing items may be bothersome. Even tiny tags and seams, which those without sensory sensitivities may not notice at all, can be extremely distracting and upsetting, it can be overwhelming, confusing, and exhausting.


Even though there a lot of kids who are particular about what kinds of clothing they wear, what we talking about is way more than a style preference. Instead, it’s about refusing to wear clothing based on the way it feels. If your child is demanding to wear or not wear certain clothing because of a seam, particular fit, or type of fabric, then it’s likely because of their sensory system. Some might say they have sensory issues with clothing.


A child may have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or other diagnoses like ADHD or Autism. But, lots of kids, have a sensory sensitivity to certain types of textures and no diagnosis.


Choose soft clothing: You may want to avoid choosing fabrics that are scratchy or stiff, or clothing that has rough edges, tags, or appliquéd designs on it. It may be helpful to use hand-me-downs that have been washed several times as well, as they will lose some of their rough qualities over time.


Get rid of tags and seams: These elements of clothing can be especially irritating to those with sensory sensitivities. Many retailers now offer tagless and seamless clothing. However, if this is not easy to find or afford, try clipping tags or placing adhesive bandages over them. At FEM intimates we have the perfect Seamless Bikini Panties for girls that will greatly help a child with sensory issues. They are seamless and tagless and very soft as well.


Choose comfortable undergarments: Choose undergarments that are seamless and tagless whenever possible. This will help the child to better deal with other necessary layers that may not be as comfortable. As mentioned above we have the selection of Seamless Boy shorts for girls, that are extremely compatible for children with sensory difficulties.